Do you generate high-quality leads but fail to convert them into sales?

Is your Lead generation strategy bringing you valuable leads but not converting them into sales? If you answered yes to any/all of these questions, you must start with Lead Nurturing by creating relevant and personalized campaigns for your prospects.

So how do you begin? This year is almost over and the pandemic has pushed the sales strategy to new limits. Lead nurturing has been the most helpful in generating sales for B2B companies. Logichron’s well-known lead nurturing experts have pulled together some tactics for executing the most effective lead nurturing strategies ahead of 2021. You can refer to these points to create a new strategy for the next year and get the most out of your lead nurturing campaigns.

Top 4 Tactics to improve your Lead Nurturing performance

Although there are several ways to nurture a lead, our team has sorted out the most effective ones that would rule in 2021.

  • Use multi-channel lead nurturing techniques-

B2B marketing is all about being in the right place at the right time. Hence, multi-channel lead nurturing can easily do that for you. What exactly are these channels that can help you nurture leads?

     1. Email Marketing: It is the best source of reaching out to the minds of your potential clients with your offerings. You can send personalized emails according to the client’s level of interest. An introductory email can do wonders for you if drafted properly for your new clients. You can further narrow them down with an exclusive offer to nudge towards the buyer’s journey. Emails for nurturing leads generate an 8% CTR compared to general emails, which generate just a 3% CTR.

     2. Dynamic Website Content: Every Website Visitor is a potential client and shall receive a perfect mix of content on it to understand your products, services, current customers and their experience too.

     3. Social Media: You can try actively finding leads on social media channels.  Retargeting them will help you win your prospective customers.

  • Follow up with leads on time.

Are you following up with your leads at the right time?

The general rule of following-up is one should follow up within the first 3 minutes after a response. Instantaneous follow-ups will favor your business and let you engage more with the prospect. You can also set up an automated follow-up system using chatbots or other artificial intelligence tools.

If done manually, you must understand when your prospect would be the most active or available to engage. Always remember, a well-planned follow-up is far more effective than cold-calling. You must do extensive research on your prospect and have complete information about their likes and dislikes before you contact them, as this will help you get your prospects more engaged during the initial conversation

  • Use lead scoring tactics.

The lead scoring system is the easiest way to filter out unnecessary leads and narrow down the list of your potential prospects. This is done in order to first identify the criteria that are representative of an ideal lead. Then you need to create a list of qualifications that would fulfill these criteria. Once you know the benchmark, the next step is to assign a value to every lead. Values can be assigned based on buyers’ persona, buyers’ behavior, their potential, and many more factors that are necessary to know if a lead is sales-worthy or not. The final score of the lead will determine whether it is likely to be a sale or not. A report by lenskold stated that 68% of marketers have pointed to lead scoring as a top revenue contributor. It can also be automated which would save time and give you more time to spend on nurturing the potential leads

  • Align your sales and marketing strategies-

It is all about creating strategies that attract customers’ attention and reminds them of your brand. In this case, it is important to align your sales and marketing strategies together. When the customers contact your sales team after watching an advertisement or a hoarding, you should ensure that they convey the same message. Both the teams should have the same voice while talking to the customers, this helps in converting them quicker than ever. It first helps in building interest, demand, and then fulfilling it with your product or service.

Apart from this, you can easily simplify your marketing process and shorten the sales cycle. Easy practices like segmentation, right targeting, content management, engagement, and customer support, etc. can help you in lead nurturing in the long run.

Nurture the Future 

All in all, to manage the upcoming challenges in sales and marketing in a post-pandemic world, lead nurturing tactics will play a vital role. Not just that in 2021, the businesses with the best data-oriented strategies will automatically find themselves in the driving seat. A well-planned lead management strategy, that covers the generation, nurturing, and conversion is the need of the hour. Market-professionals with years of expertise are fully powered to build for you 2021’s most advanced lead nurturing and management strategy.

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