Data Solutions

With a highly saturated market, it can be especially challenging to find the right contacts at the right time. At Yoanone, we would go above and beyond to supply you with the best quality contacts along with enhanced profile data, so your sales team can contact and build a strong rapport right from the word go.

Data Solution services we offer:

  • Contact Discovery
  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Data Verification
  • Data Appending
  • Data Analytics

Get updated contacts along with highly customizable parameters across all industrial domains. Connect to our expert to get details and swift guidance through the process.

Contact Discovery

Contact Discovery is a feature that enables businesses to recognize and reach out to other companies under the radar of their target specification, be it industry type or employee size. Contact Discovery helps businesses procure data and build a database for their sales team to track and follow to meet the ideal prospects and pitch their product or service.

At Yoanone, we identify the ideal match for the client’s industry type and allow clients to issue and highly customize filters, which perfectly caters to their business interests.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Account Based Marketing falls on similar grounds as Contact Discovery, ABM can actually claim to be an advanced version of Contact Discovery. With Account Based Marketing, the target companies are already identified by the client, and the prospects are pinpointed.

To help our clients connect with the people they want, we don’t just fish for the contacts; instead, we discover, scan, and verify the contacts before we forward them. To learn more about the industry types, we can discover contacts for, feel free to connect to our sales executive.

Data Verification

Data Verification is the heartbeat of the B2B industry; to maintain a significant database, it is vital for organizations to keep churning and updating their data. The data verification process takes place manually and is conducted by data scientists to ensure optimum results maximized output quality.

At Yoanone, we possess a database of over 23 million. We can proudly claim to keep the data optimized and fresh we are well-versed in the continuous process of data verification. We follow a 5 step verification process starting from E-mail verification followed by Social Profile verification, URL verification, Geographical verification, and ending with Tele Verification.

Verified data ensures a significant improvement in the quality of work in both the Marketing and Sales department. To ensure high productivity throughout all departments, fill in the inquiry form to get started.

Data Appending

Data Appending is a process that comprises of comprehending the database and enhancing it with the addition of a unique element. The method of data appending also involves the stage of identifying the drawbacks of the database by comparing it to large sample size. The comparison also helps gather a new field of information lacking in the current database.

At Yoanone, we believe we are our best competitors; therefore, we believe in learning through trial and error. We adapt and implement every trick available in the market to ensure what suits us the best. Post identification, we collaborate with all our channel experts to address the pain point and obtain anticipated results.

To obtain optimized data, with the help of the best tools in the market, connect to our sales executive, or fill in the inquiry form, and we will get in touch with you.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the scientific study of the database and if there is something that we can be sure about is, science never fails. Data Analysis helps obtain in-depth insights regarding customer reach, customer relations, and potential customer trends. Data Analysis offers data-backed clarity to the marketing and sales team. Past user data also contributes to determining impending budding outcomes.

Nearly all B2B Businesses possess data in abundance; however, the most important aspect of Data Analytics is knowing how to analyze the available data. Yoanone is equipped with top-class data scientists who ensure your data is well analyzed to predict the future as well as extract the pain points.

To obtain accurate forecasts, make sure your data is at work when you are not. To know more, feel free to reach out to us and fill in the inquiry form.